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Sponsorship - Affiliation

Recommend and Earn 20% commission on the amount of each product order!

For your loved ones offer 10% discount

  • Give your personal code orally while offering 10% discount to all your loved ones, and also get a 10% reward for each of your loved ones' orders.
  • This program is not limited to new customers only. If you have recommended our products in the past, send us the list so that you can be named a "sponsor" of people who have purchased thanks to you.  
  • Redeem your rewards in store vouchers for your own purchases.

To go further Earn 20% Reward

    • Disseminate your internet link by electronic means on all networks.
    • Obtain either vouchers or remuneration every month. If you are self-employed or in a company.

Sponsorship and Affiliation Program

Stop-Ageing offers a new sponsorship program (also called affiliation) allowing all people to be able to supplement or increase their income, by affiliating new customers.

The program is simple and clear, it rewards independent customers and partners with purchase discounts when they affiliate new customers. Independent partners, on the other hand, can receive discounts on purchases but also compensation. There is no purchase/resale, nor a discount on the price of products for personal or professional purposes. All compensation is based on the affiliation of new customers.

Each person can without constraint enroll in the program to freely exercise an activity. At any time, each person can also terminate their partner account without formality on simple request.

To see the details of the program and register: 


As soon as you register, your partner account will be credited with a bonus of €10.

Sponsorship is simplified thanks to a personal internet link, created automatically when you register, which identifies you. 

Just share your personal link, by email, on social networks etc.

Anyone who becomes a new customer of the stop-aging shop thanks to your recommendation gives you a reward of 20% on the amount of the products, and becomes your referral automatically. The 20% reward is granted for each order from your referral.

To see the details of the program and register: 


Once registered, you can log in to your dashboard by logging in here: 


Rewards system (commissions) 20% or 10%


Partner or "Sponsor" Tools 


Reports available to drive your sponsorship and Affiliate activity


Order in store Stop-Aging without opening an account

Orders facilitated by entering your e-mail address and contact details to order on the stop-aging shop there is no need to create an account, accounts are optional. If you wish to have access to your order history, you can create an account and identify yourself.