Stop-aging & Aging-halt - BIONEO 100% Natural developed and manufactured in France by Frederic Fallourd Bio-Néo™®©

To welcome and thank Mr. Frederic Fallourd therapist and Natoropath with his complete range of BIONEO food supplements, we offer you:

-15% discount granted to all customers who have already ordered. Valid from 100€ of purchase Code: BIONEOSV15, until August 31, 2022. For a order less than 100€, as a Customer, use the discount codes you have.

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Mr. Frederic Fallourd, holistic therapist and Energy Naturopath (a global approach to well-being and health) and , and listening to its patients has created, developed, and constantly improved the ingredients, formulas and manufacturing of its High-end food supplements under the brand BIONEO since 2008. He receives you in consultation as a holistic therapist and naturopath (which has a global approach to well-being and health) see CONSULTATION or for ADVICE if you wish and you will prepare a program adapted to your well-being and needs.

BIONEO ™®© Nutritional Supplement by Frédéric Fallourd Therapist and Naturopath