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Food supplements and products for well-being Stop-Ageillissement & Aging-halt (English)

Food supplements Bio Néo™©® by the therapist Fréderic Fallourd Store La Vie Claire and Bio Néo™®© of Romorentin.

Stop-Aging markets the products Bio-Neo ®™© created by Frédéric Fallourd, il regularly innovates food supplements and develops unique formulas. The selection of ingredients is based on certified quality™®©, rich in active ingredients and meeting very strict specifications. If the most high-end nutrients are chosen, such as Astaxanthin produced in Sweden, world expert in the cultivation, harvesting and purity of this fragile red algae.

Astaxanthin formula Created by Frederedic Fallourd Therapist in 2010 BIONEO™®© 2010
THE BENEFITS OF ASTAXANTHIN for the Nutrition of the Retina and the Eyes Formula created in 2010 by Fréderic Fallourd Thérapeute BIONEO™®©
et Store La Vie Claire Romorentin 
BIONEO™®© Marine Collagen Created by Frederic Fallourd: Store La Vie Claire Romorentin 
Chlorophyll guaranteed without heavy metals created by Fréderic Fallourd in 2008 BIONEO™®© Store La Vie Claire Romorentin

100% French independent biological analysis laboratories. What does the "Laboratory" do in the field of food supplements?

 Medical laboratory qualitative independent 

  • Our real laboratory is nothing less than thehe prestigious French analysis laboratory "Eurofins", to which we submit samples of the ingredients that make up our products, and regardless of the tests carried out by our suppliers; French, European or Indian... NWe systematically submit their ingredients to our independent analysis laboratory by sample. Likewise we submit the finished products, such as capsules or powder to this same laboratory before marketing these products. That's the only way we can claim a qualitative analysis of all our products and can guarantee a qualitative stability of our products, free of traces of heavy metals and other pollutants to claim a quality of NATURAL and non-chemical Finished Products.  


The "assembly" laboratory for finished products is located in France.

  • A food supplements laboratory assembles the ingredients, mixes them, puts the formula in the form of capsules, and sticks the label on the bottle. This is insufficient to guarantee flawless quality. Ingredients and finished products must be analyzed by an independent laboratory, as is the case with the BIONEO™®© brand

All our food supplements are guaranteed:Without heavy metals - without pollutants - without GMOs - Without gluten - Without sugar - Without coloring - Without preservative - Without artificial flavor

Permissions granted to https://Stop-Vieillissement.com & https://Aging-Halt.com (English) for the marketing of BIONEO™®© food supplements and its other products.

BIONEO™®©, unique formulas of top-of-the-range food and nutritional supplements, 100% natural and not just organic!

All Bio-Néo™®© products were created and developed in 2008 starting with Chlorophyll and Marine Collagen in 2008 then Astaxanthin (Red Algae) in 2010, etc. by Frederic Fallourd Therapist and Naturopath owner of a La Vie Claire store in Romorentin.

Intellectual properties protected: 


All products are assembled by a French laboratory.

Selection of ingredient producers and control plans

The ingredients and their suppliers are selected by Frederic Fallourd and tested (control plans by regular sample) by an independent analysis laboratory, even if the analyzes provided by our ingredient producers comply with the quality requirements.

Final qualitative tests by the independent laboratory EUROFINS

 The finished products, and this on a regular basis by taking samples, are analyzed in order to detect any traces of heavy metals or other pollution:


Authorization for sale on the market by the French authorities

All products have received marketing authorization in France from the DGCCRF (1). The French authorities are reputed to be more rigorous with regard to food supplements than the Anglo-Saxon authorities, such as Ireland! Or, for example in other Anglo-Saxon countries, such as Malta, no certificate of authorization is required to market food supplements locally and these authorities do not issue certificates to market food supplements in Europe or in the world, knowing that each country has its own regulations.

The European agreements stipulate that the principle of reciprocity applies. 

(1) Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention

Rights of use of the image, texts and marketing of the BIONEO™®© Products and the Formulas of these Products granted by Mr. Frederic Fallourd brand BIO-Néo™®© on May 01, 2022 to Global Bio Products Limit: d for its merchant sites

https://stop-vieillissement.com & https://aging-halt.com ainsi qye ces autres site Européen

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Presentation of the founder and creators of the Bio Néo™®© food supplement formulas, Fréderic Fallourd.

My name is Frédéric Fallourd, and I was born in 1968, into a family that already practiced homeopathy and organic food.

Introduced by my great-uncle to alternative medicine, I started reading my first homeopathy book at the age of 12.

Being passionate about these first teachings, I started to put my knowledge into practice on my whole family.

Having never ceased to be interested in everything related to nutrition, including water quality, and alternative and alternative medicine such as naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, etc. 

Among my professional activities in these fields and others, I acquired an organic store in 2006. 

I followed a naturopath training taught by Carole His (CENATHO school) within La Vie claire, training in aromatherapy and multiple seminars and conferences...

Faced with the demand of my clients, I quickly offered consultations in order to share my knowledge and develop programs for the well-being of my clients.

Due to a lack of chlorophyll in organic stores in France, I founded the Bio Néo ® brand in 2009 with my first bottles of chlorophyll.

We sincerely hope that this information can bring you a whole new well-being!

Frederic Fallourd

Head office Romorantin Lanthenay l Manufacturing in Brittany.

CROQ NATURE, 25 avenue de PARIS, 41200 Romorantin Lanthenay 06 76 66 45 66.

Order by phone or go to the La Vie Claire & BIONEO™®© store at Romorentin-Lanthenay near Blois and Orléans less than 200km from Paris.

You can order by phone at the store by contacting Mr. Fallourd directly en specifying that you are a Stop-Viellissement customer in order to benefit from the same discount conditions as on the shop at https://stop-vieillissement.com

You can also make an appointment for a consultation with Mr. Fallourd or contact for any advice at the same number 06 76 66 45 66.

You can go to the "La vie Clair & BIONEO" store in Romorentin-Lanthenay to obtain the products present on this site with the same discount conditions, but also to benefit from a very wide choice of "La Vie Claire" products with preferential rates as a "Stop-Aging Client."

Photos of La Vie Claire de Romorantin Store & BIONEO Products

Stop-aging and its English-language site aging-halt.com will gradually market products for well-being, such as air purifiers, and other products that can contribute to people's well-being.

The well-being and satisfaction of our customers form the basis of our philosophy.

  1. The "Business" type Philosophy is to hit hard and get enough money to "feel" safe, and regardless of the consequences on customer satisfaction, honesty and morals...
  2. The perennial Philosophy, much more courageous and requiring much more effort and Love" of its neighbor in respect of dignity, respect for honor and morality. It does not matter if we are remunerated so little. Thus we sleep Well, we feel trustworthy and are proud to have offered around €50.000 in discounts and discounts to our loyal customers.

Stop-Vieillissement has not marketed RLP Concept & Phybiotech products since April 24, 2022.

These products are made in Spain and have not given full satisfaction to our customers.

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