Food Supplements BIONEO ™®©

Developed by Frederic F. Therapist. 100% French

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What does the "Laboratory" do in the field of food supplements:

  • We can consider that the Laboratory assembles the ingredients, mixes them, puts the formula in the form of capsules, in a bottle and sticks the label on the bottle. This is not enough and the ingredients as well as the finished products must be analyzed by an independent laboratory, as is the case for the BIONEO™®© brand.

 Medical laboratory Organic and Qqualitative

  • Our real laboratory is nothing less than thehe prestigious French analysis laboratory "Eurofins", to which we submit samples of the ingredients that make up our products, and regardless of the tests carried out by our suppliers; French, European or Indian... NWe systematically submit their ingredients to our independent analysis laboratory by sample. Likewise we submit the finished products, such as capsules or powder to this same laboratory before marketing these products. That's the only way we can claim a qualitative analysis of all our products and can guarantee a qualitative stability of our products, free of traces of heavy metals and other pollutants to claim a quality of NATURAL and non-chemical Finished Products.  


The "assembly" laboratory for finished products is located in France.

All our food supplements are guaranteed:Without heavy metals - without pollutants - without GMOs - Without gluten - Without sugar - Without coloring - Without preservative - Without artificial flavor

Authorizations granted for the marketing of BIONEO™®© food supplements and its other products.

BIONEO™®©, unique formulas of top-of-the-range food and nutritional supplements, 100% natural, and not just organic.

All Bui-Néo™®© products have been created and developed (intellectual property protected) by Frederic Fallourd Therapeute and Naturopath.

All products are manufactured by a French laboratory and have all received marketing authorization in France and for the rest of the world by the DRCRF.

Nutritional quality of food supplements

  • Many companies market food supplements on the internet and boast of "their laboratory" but in fact they ne don't even know the producer directly. They leave it to their laboratories to choose the origin and quality of the active ingredients for them. Guess what can happen when the "Laboratory" decides to increase its profit... 
  • With our BIONEO™®© food supplements, this is not the case. The producers are first chosen by us on criteria allowing us to offer consumers ingredients of high purity, of safe, certified and constant quality.. Thus we control the quality of our products from the producer to the final product.

Unique BIONEO™®© dietary supplement formulas 

  • We regularly develop new food supplements with unique formulas in collaboration with tests by naturopaths. 
  • The selection of ingrédients is based on certified quality, rich in active ingredients and meeting very strict specifications.

Food supplements do not replace a balanced diet 

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