Detoxification and Oxygenation: Chlorophyll 120 capsules

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 120 tablets

  • Bulking agent: Dolomite.
  • 1 capsule: 250 mg of pure chlorophyll from White Mulberry leaves.
  • Pullulan capsule, guaranteed without additives, surfactants, gluten, dyes, preservatives, of non-GMO vegetable origin, and without titanium dioxide.

 Eliminates toxins and heavy metals. Promotes healing of the skin and mucous membranes (accelerates healing internally orally or externally). Blocks carcinogens in digestion. Fights germs, bacteria and deodorizes (bad breath, body, faecal and urinary odours). Helps control blood sugar disorders. Increases cell oxygenation.

The therapeutic virtues of chlorophyll

bio neo chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants which allows them to use the energy of the sun. It is commonly accepted that green vegetables are excellent for health. The fundamental reason for this is the supply of chlorophyll (in addition to minerals and vitamins).

In order to regularly regenerate and cleanse our body, it is advisable to consume chlorophyll daily. 

Absorbed through green vegetables, chlorophyll is embedded in the dietary fibers of the latter, therefore hardly available to our body. If you supplement your diet with pure chlorophyll, the health benefits are undeniable, as shown by clinical studies. Chlorophyll will gently cleanse the whole body and regenerate the tissues of the digestive system, the blood...

What chlorophyll does on our body, it:

  • Alkalinizes the body (combats acidity)
  • Helps digest proteins in the intestine (avoids the deficiencies of the DUKAN diet and all protein diets)
  • Strengthens the circulatory system and reduces varicose veins
  • Helps counter anemia and magnesium deficiencies
  • Regenerates the blood in general
  • Helps control blood sugar disorders
  • Increases cell oxygenation
  • Fights germs, bacteria and deodorizes (bad breath, body, faecal and urinary odors)
  • Detoxifies the body, mainly the intestines, liver and lungs
  • Eliminates toxins and heavy metals (more effective than chlorella)
  • Reduces constipation problems
  • Has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties
  • Is a powerful antioxidant
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Blocks carcinogens in digestion
  • Is an excellent tonic for the muscular and cardiac system
  • Lowers hypertension
  • Regulates menstruation
  • Stimulates glandular and organ functions
  • Promotes healing of the skin and mucous membranes (accelerates healing internally orally or externally)
  • Major help against cancer and the side effects of Chemotherapy
  • Can be used in case of gastric or varicose ulcer
  • Help with pancreatitis
  • Reduces acne, redness, psoriasis and skin problems
  • Reduces cholesterol


Toxicological studies have demonstrated that chlorophyll is extremely safe, whether used in the acute phase or in the chronic phase. An intake of more than 3 g of pure chlorophyll per day only shows beneficial effects.

 As a maintenance cure, it is generally advisable to take 2 to 3 capsules of 250 mg per day of pure chlorophyll, ie one capsule per meal. A cure at the rate of 3 capsules, 3 times a day, at mealtimes can be made over a period of one month (increasing the doses gradually).

Liquid : Liquid chlorophyll is very interesting because it allows a global action on the whole digestive system starting with the mouth. Soluble in water you can undo 2 to 3 capsules in 1L of water and make it your daily drink.

Poultice: It is an excellent external healer and regenerator of the skin. For use as a poultice, break open a capsule of chlorophyll and mix with honey for direct application to the lesion. Even varicose ulcers are not resistant to it.
Due to the detoxifying properties of chlorophyll, oral intake is not recommended for pregnant women.

If digestive discomfort is felt following oral intake, it is simply a phenomenon of regeneration or detoxification.

Raw material

Chlorophyll is a dark green powder completely soluble in water.
The origin of the raw material is white mulberry and comes directly from the manufacturer.
Magnesium form (without copper).
Guaranteed 100% chlorophyll molecule.
The mode of extraction is saponification.

Clinical studies available on request:

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Although similar in format, dietary supplements are not drugs. Intended for the general population, in good health, they are not intended to replace medical treatment.

Food supplements are foodstuffs the purpose of which is to supplement the normal diet and which constitute a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect singly or in combinationmarketed in the form of doses, namely forms of presentation such as capsules, lozenges, tablets, pills and other similar forms, as well as sachets of powder, ampoules of liquid, bottles fitted with a dropper and other forms analogues of liquid or powdered preparations intended to be taken in small measured units.

The 3 components that characterize food supplements

Their objective

These products supplement the diet. They are therefore not a substitute for common foods. Their nutritional contributions are added to the contributions from the current diet, including those from fortified foods.

Their composition

These products are essentially made up of ingredients with a nutritional or physiological effect (plants, nutrients, other substances, etc.). Unlike conventional foods, food supplements are not made up of a food matrix, that is to say a complex physical structure that notably combines macronutrients (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins).

Their presentation

These products are sold in the form of doses, which involves defining a dosage unit. This unit of intake must be measurable and of small quantity, compared to the quantities of food usually consumed.

Warning !

Given their characteristics, food supplements are not trivial products. They can present risks if misused. It is therefore advisable to respect the instructions for use. It is also advisable to pay the greatest attention to cumulative consumption (for example when several food supplements are consumed concomitantly) and to potential interactions with other products (medicines).

The advice of a health professional is strongly recommended for:

pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and adolescents, people undergoing medical treatment.

In general, these claims should not mislead the consumer. In addition, the labeling of food supplements, their presentation and the advertising thereof must not attribute to these products properties of preventing, treating or curing a human disease, nor mention these properties.

stop-aging.com cannot be held responsible for allegations violating the official texts, coming from therapists or doctors. And we advise you to seek advice from an individual health professional.

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