Energy Vitality: BIONEO Liquid Liposomal Vitamin C 150ml bottle 50% More effective Replaces Vit C Powder Magnesium and Calcium.

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 Liquid Liposomal Vitamin C very high bio-availability, 150ml bottle

  • Replaces Liposomal Vitamin C Powder with Magnesium Ascort
  • Replaces Liposomal Vitamin C Powder with Calcium Ascorbate

    This next-generation liquid Liposomal Vitamin C is approximately 50% more effective and better absorbed by the body than Vitamin C Powder with Magnesium Ascorbate or Vitamin C Powder with Calcium Ascorbate.

    Does not cause any adverse effects, whatever your intestinal sensitivity. Very good taste according to customer feedback, Vanilla Lemon, no bitter aftertaste such as Vitamin powder with Magnesium Ascorbate, obsolete and removed from our shop since May 01, 2022.

    The bottle is supplied with a measuring cap. You can consume this pure liquid vitamin C. It dissolves perfectly in water and leaves no deposit.  

    The new Liquid Liposomal Vitamin C is very stable with no batch-to-batch variation in consistency or taste.

    Correspondence with Vitamin C Ascorbate Magnesium or Calcium powder.

    • 2 vials of Vitamin C Liposomal = approximately 1 jar of vitamin C powder.
    • You will consume less with this new Vitamin C.
    • The bottle of liquid liposomal Vitamin C is easily transportable.

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      The new generation liquid Liposomal vitamin C was developed and authorized by the DGCRF in April 2022,

      Why sodium ascorbate?

      It is simply part of the family of ascorbic acids, better known as VITAMIN C!

      Liposomal vitamin C is vitamin C encapsulated in a liposome formed from phospholipids. This liposome is a fat-soluble vehicle that facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

      Our liposomal vitamin C is obtained using a 2-step manufacturing process:

      • homogenization and sonication (Ultrasonics), without the use of solvents or detergents.
      • The liposome, between 100 and 220 nm in our product, protects vitamin C from digestive enzymes and thus allows better bioavailability and better absorption.


      The measuring cap provided is graduated, 5 ml corresponds to 1000 mg of Liposomal Vitamin C


      • Purified water, sodium ascorbate (vitamin C), sunflower phospholipids, orange flavor,
      • citric acid monohydrate, sea buckthorn extract, vanilla flavor, steviol glycosides from Stevia (does not leave a bitter aftertaste)
      • Sodium ascorbate is the most soluble form of vitamin C. In addition, this form provides better product stability than ascorbic acid could. Sodium ascorbate is made from ascorbic acid and sodium bicarbonate.
      • Since soy presents allergic risks, we have chosen to use phospholipids from sunflower, a source that we consider safer.
      • In order to avoid synthetic products, we have natural materials: sea buckthorn extract as a preservative, and rebaudioside A as a sweetener.
      • Sea buckthorn berries (Hippophae rhamnoides) are traditionally used in traditional medicine. They contain vitamins, amino acids and many other bio-active substances such as flavonoids, fatty acids, zeaxanthin. Sea buckthorn is rich in antioxidants and is a natural alternative to additives
      • Rebaudioside A comes from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana which are dried and purified.
      • They have a sweetening power 250 to 300 times greater than sucrose, which is the reference sugar.
      • Stevia is less caloric than carbohydrates and its high sweetening power allows you to use only a small amount to provide a good sweet taste. This ingredient presents less risk than a carbohydrate on the metabolic level and is more suitable in particular for people wishing to control their weight and/or diabetics.
      • We have chosen to add two natural flavors, orange and vanilla, in order to offer a pleasant tasting product.
      • The materials used are of EU origin.

      Expected benefits

      Vitamin C contributes to:

      • Reduce fatigue [5], protect cells against oxidative stress [6],
      • Normal functioning of the nervous system and the immune system [7], and presents
      • Effective and safe antimicrobial role [8],
      • Normal energy metabolism,
      • Normal psychological functions [9],
      • Normal formation of collagen to ensure the normal functioning of blood vessels [10, 11], bones, gums, skin [12], cartilage,
      • Absorption of iron [13] and regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E.


      150ml | PET amber plastic bottle with lid D25
      Barcode: 3505637000609


      5ml corresponds to 1000mg of highly bioavailable Vitamin C (2 well rounded pods were needed to obtain the same benefit with Vitamin C Powder Magnesium Ascorbate or Calcium Ascorbate),

      measuring cup included.

      You can drink vitamin C without diluting it, it has a lemony vanilla taste, or dilute it in a fresh and organic fruit juice of preference, or in pure water according to your preference.


      Prepare your Vitamin C by diluting it in a small bottle of water that you can drink throughout the day and leave the bottle in a cool place.

      Precautions for use

      Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to consult a health professional before any supplementation. Does not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

      Keep out of the reach of young children.

      Store in a cool, dry place and then refrigerate after opening.

      In which case should the dosages of Vitamin C be increased?

      Consult your therapist for higher dosages

      Many factors will also influence the daily vitamin C requirement.

      Let us quote for example:

      • Age.
      • Excessive consumption of derivatives of refined sugars and cereals.
      • A diet based on processed or industrial products...
      • A diet free of quality vegetables and fruits, not from organic farming of recognized quality.
      • Alcohol consumption.
      • The consumption of tobacco or of course other drugs...
      • Taking oral contraception or certain medications.
      • The rhythm of life.
      • A period of stress requiring a lot of the adrenal glands which are large consumers of vitamin C.
      • Environmental pollution of all kinds, including the consumption of poor quality water, although drinkable. Vitamin C is known to be a powerful antioxidant (but it is destroyed by neutralizing various pollutants and should be supplemented daily).
      • A period of common infection, etc.
      • And other factors...

      Therefore, given its fundamental role for the body and its total absence of toxicity, if we had to consume only one nutritional supplement it would undoubtedly be vitamin C.

      Liposomal Vitamin C craze

      • It is not enough to name a vitamin C "Liposomal" to make it a true highly Bio-Available Vitamin C!
      • The most important factor is Bio-Availability and not just adding fat to get "Fat Soluble" rather than Water Soluble Vitamin C.
      • This trend has led manufacturers to produce poor quality "Liposomal" vitamin c, barely more effective than pure Ascorbic Acid, and at much higher prices.

      In addition, this "fashion" has caused vitamin C of excellent quality called "American" obtained by Esterization called ESTER to be forgotten and pure vitamin C forgotten!

      Taken throughout the day, for example every 2 hours and in moderate doses (250 to 500mg in order to limit natural elimination), they allow the body to use it very effectively.

      All our Vitamin C


      Further information

      This liquid Liposomal Vitamin C is very stable, developed by the Therapist and Naturopath graduate, Mr. Frederic Fallourd. it is made 100% in France.

      Frederic Fallourd. consults and develops a nutrition program with you, and much more. let us know your needs by using the "Telephone" button present at the top left of each page or via the "contact us" form 

      Highly bio-available Liposomal Vitamin C, of ​​much better quality and much more stable than Liposomal Vitamin C powder with Calcium Ascorbate and Magnesium Ascorbate, especially since it is very easy to supplement in magnesium. 

      Made in France and not abroad. All batches are identical and not variable depending on the batch, changing color and taste. Does not cause transit acceleration.

      Developed by Frederic Fallourd, French therapist and Naturopath, 100% French laboratory and production.

      Vitamin C with Magnesium Ascorbate could give an acceleration of transit up to "Diahrea"

      Under no circumstances should this vitamin C be taken beyond the indicated dosage, which corresponds to the French marketing authorization granted by the Directorate General for Competition and Repression of Fraud.

      Vitamin C with Calcium Ascorbate, on the other hand, can deposit excessive amounts of calcium in your body (especially the Arteries) in the long term. And in no case should you exceed the dosages indicated on the box which is 1 rounded pod, that is to say about 1000mg of Vitamin C.

      As a result, we have withdrawn these two Vitamin C powder with Magnesium Ascorbate as well as the Vitamin C powder with Calcium Ascorbate since April 24, 2022.

      (1) Def: " Phosphatidylcholine", better known as "lecithin", is a lipid of the phosphoglyceride class. The exact definition of lecithin may depend on the context. Wikipedia



      Food supplements do not replace a healthy and balanced diet

      Although similar in format, dietary supplements are not drugs. Intended for the general population, in good health, they are not intended to replace medical treatment.

      Food supplements are foodstuffs the purpose of which is to supplement the normal diet and which constitute a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect singly or in combinationmarketed in the form of doses, namely forms of presentation such as capsules, lozenges, tablets, pills and other similar forms, as well as sachets of powder, ampoules of liquid, bottles fitted with a dropper and other forms analogues of liquid or powdered preparations intended to be taken in small measured units.

      The 3 components that characterize food supplements

      Their objective

      These products supplement the diet. They are therefore not a substitute for common foods. Their nutritional contributions are added to the contributions from the current diet, including those from fortified foods.

      Their composition

      These products are essentially made up of ingredients with a nutritional or physiological effect (plants, nutrients, other substances, etc.). Unlike conventional foods, food supplements are not made up of a food matrix, that is to say a complex physical structure that notably combines macronutrients (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins).

      Their presentation

      These products are sold in the form of doses, which involves defining a dosage unit. This unit of intake must be measurable and of small quantity, compared to the quantities of food usually consumed.

      Warning !

      Given their characteristics, food supplements are not trivial products. They can present risks if misused. It is therefore advisable to respect the instructions for use. It is also advisable to pay the greatest attention to cumulative consumption (for example when several food supplements are consumed concomitantly) and to potential interactions with other products (medicines).

      The advice of a health professional is strongly recommended for:

      pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and adolescents, people undergoing medical treatment.

      In general, these claims should not mislead the consumer. In addition, the labeling of food supplements, their presentation and the advertising thereof must not attribute to these products properties of preventing, treating or curing a human disease, nor mention these properties.

      stop-aging.com cannot be held responsible for allegations violating the official texts, coming from therapists or doctors. And we advise you to seek advice from an individual health professional.

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